In an effort to achieve the stated mission, goals, and organizational priorities it is essential we identify values that will guide our interaction with each other. The tasks ahead will require hard work, creative thinking, and constant innovation. In some cases we will have to push and pull to achieve the levels we are capable of. With that in mind, it is imperative we determine in advance how we will interact with one another to achieve these ambitious goals.

The values are our commitment to how we work and treat each other. Some of them are aspirational, others we have been doing for some time. They are an extension of how we expect each other will treat our students. In pursuit of our mission, goals and initiatives, these values define how we work together and what we should expect from each other. The values are focused on the staff of the division. The following values are critical to our work:

  • INTEGRITY: We strive for transparent decision making with high moral character, honor and honesty.
  • RESPECT: We foster a culture of understanding and acceptance through civility and trust.
  • DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: We embrace individual differences and ensure opportunities for all.
  • PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: We commit to the continuous growth and learning of individuals and the advancement of our field.
  • CURIOSITY: We cultivate an innovative environment that encourages discourse and open inquiry.