Support and Advocacy


owhp1. Foster a community where students are valued, supported and receive the assistance they need to be successful. Through a culture of care, students experience a sense of belonging which contributes to overall well-being. A safe and nurturing environment is essential to the positive identity development of each student. By connecting with students through personal communication and actively listening and absorbing their experiences, Student Affairs professionals are able to assess and respond effectively to their needs.

2. Develop a community where students are aware of and enabled to utilize campus resources. There is evidence of a knowledge gap between support services and programs in place and students’ awareness of the existing resources. As students become knowledgeable and begin to utilize campus resources, they benefit personally and are empowered to inform others.

3. Cultivate an environment of inclusivity and respect in which all students can access opportunities that offer a holistic and complete USC experience. It is important to ensure that underrepresented student populations are included and valued throughout the campus community. Embracing the ideals of USC’s Principles of Community will support and amplify the culture of caring, the accessibility of resources and opportunities, and will ensure inclusivity within the Trojan Family. By utilizing intentional outreach strategies and leveraging available technology, underrepresented student populations will have access to their complete USC experience.