Health and Wellness


engemann1. Increase the use of physical activity as a response to health challenges. Physical activity and a healthy diet are critical components of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Prescriptions for Exercise is a collaboration between Recreational Sports, Engemann Student Health Center, Residential Education, Campus Dining, and Athletics to connect students with physical interventions which enable holistic health.

2. Expand programs and services that encourage delayed consumption and low-risk alcohol use. Over-consumption of alcohol is a public health challenge for young adults between the ages of 18 and 25. The number of fatalities, serious injuries, sexual assaults, and property damage associated with over-consumption of alcohol is alarming. Teaching young adults responsible use of alcohol can lower the risk of potentially unhealthy outcomes.

3. Implement national best practices in health and wellness programs. The success of college students is often dependent upon self-care, mindfulness, and emotional resilience. These tools can help reduce chronic stress, eliminate unhealthy outcomes, and allow students to focus on their academic and personal goals. Wellness initiatives will be consistently aligned with national best practices.

4. Cultivate a community of mental health awareness. There are an increasing number of students with mental health needs enrolled in higher education. The university offers an array of programs and services to assist these students and the faculty and staff who serve them. Assuring that the USC community is aware of resources and feel empowered to connect people to them.

5. Implement comprehensive programs on sexual misconduct prevention. Sexual misconduct on college campuses is a growing concern. Student Affairs will assume a leadership role in prevention education to reduce incidents of sexual misconduct. The initiatives will be comprehensive and consistent with national best practices.

6. Build an effective and comprehensive communication network to encourage students to engage in health and wellness programs. Many programs exist at USC that encourage and support improved health and wellness. Current efforts to inform students of the programs and services can be improved. Effective communication will result in broader knowledge and increased participation in health and wellness services.

7. Increase access to recreational opportunities across campus. Physical activity is critical to students’ overall health and wellness. A comprehensive effort is underway to expand recreational facilities and equipment by investing in additional outdoor and indoor recreational offerings.