Residential Education


usc dorm1. Align the residential college experience with national best practices. Residential colleges are more than simply places to live. They promote academic and social activities, provide informal contact between faculty and students, and engage residents in the academic life of the university. Consequently, members of residential colleges belong to a community and have a place they identify as their home. Residential colleges at USC will be in alignment with the 21st century global research university.

2. Expand programs and services that connect with Residential Education, the Division of Student Affairs, and USC’s core mission and values. Residential education must expand programs and services that align with the initiatives of the university at large and, at the same time, fulfill the needs of today’s student.

3. Design and implement plans for the University Village Honors College. The University Village will be the single largest residential/ retail/ recreational project in USC’s history. It will offer an opportunity to reshape campus life and residential education. A key component of the University Village will be the prestigious Honors College. Stemming from a campus-wide collaborative process, a unique 21st century honors college model will materialize in the coming years.