Statement from USC Vice Provost for Student Affairs Ainsley Carry

Statement from Ainsley Carry, USC Vice Provost for Student Affairs

August 1, 2014

To the USC Campus Community:

On Thursday, Chief John Thomas and I met with a group of Chinese student leaders to address their safety and security concerns following last week’s tragic incident.

It was a productive and informative meeting and we greatly appreciate the students’ willingness to sit down with us, share their views and discuss ways that we can work together to further improve safety on campus and the surrounding neighborhood.

We also appreciate the students’ proposals for additional security measures, several of which were already in progress and others with which we will now plan to move forward at their request.

We look forward to ongoing discussions with the students and to their active participation in helping us make these further improvements.

We plan to have follow-up meetings with these student leaders next week and on an ongoing basis during the academic year through university advisory committees and other settings.