Student Support and Advocacy

What We Do

Problem Solving

Student Support and Advocacy assists students in resolving complex problems involving multiple departments. We help students and their families in navigating the university, understanding options, and understanding university policy and procedures. Please call us at (213) 821-4710.

Crisis Management

Student Support and Advocacy provides support for students who are experiencing crisis situations. These situations vary, and include anything from difficult home/family situations to severe injury or illness. When necessary, Student Support and Advocacy works closely with families to assist students who are in crisis. For assistance please call (213) 740-2421.

Medical/Non-Medical Leave of Absence

Student Support and Advocacy facilitates the leave of absence process for students, who for a variety of reasons, must withdraw from classes prior to end of the academic term. For more information on the undergraduate leave of absence process, please review the Undergraduate Leave of Absence Handbook.

Faculty Notification

In the event that a student is unable to attend classes due to medical reasons or a family emergency, Student Relations will contact the student’s professors and notify them of the situation upon receiving consent from the student.

Informal and Formal Grievances

Students desirous of filing a complaint against a university staff member, professor, or department can receive guidance from Student Support and Advocacy. For detailed information on the grievance procedure, please review SCampus.

Grade Disputes

Student Support and Advocacy advises students through the disputed academic evaluation process. For detailed information about grade disputes, please consult the governance section of SCampus.