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Ten important items to be aware of before, during and after entering into your residential lease:

  1. Read and review your lease prior to entering into it.
  2. All roommates should enter into a written agreement prior to agree to a lease.
  3. Be sure that your lease permits subletting and reassigning the lease.
  4. Be aware of whether your apartment is subject to rent control.
  5. Perform a thorough inspection of the premises, with pictures, upon move-in and notify the landlord in writing of any damage to the premises.
  6. Maintain record of all repair requests.
  7. Provide adequate notice of your intentions at conclusion of the lease.
  8. Pay careful attention to and be sure to timely act upon any notices from the landlord.
  9. Obtain a written record that you have surrendered the premises.
  10. Insist on a written accounting of anything that is deducted from your security deposit.

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