Student Support and Advocacy

When Reporting to Student Judicial Affairs

When you report disruptive behavior to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs, you will be asked to recommend a desired outcome. Remedies may include disciplinary probation, a behavioral contract, anger management counseling, other educational interventions, or more serious sanctions such as suspension or expulsion.

Following receipt of your complaint, the student will be required to meet with someone at the Office of Student Judicial Affairs to discuss his or her behavior.

In some cases, the complaint can be resolved administratively without further involvement on your part. In other cases, it may be necessary to convene a panel and conduct a formal review of the matter. Should this happen, you will generally be involved as the complainant at the review.

The purpose of a disciplinary review is to discuss the facts in the case, to hear the accused student’s perspective, and to determine an appropriate disciplinary response. Disciplinary decisions take into consideration the needs both of the campus community and of the accused student.

Note: While you, or the Department of Public Safety, may order a student to leave a class session in which he or she is displaying disruptive behavior, permanent removal cannot occur without a Student Judicial review. The Vice President for Student Affairs may temporarily remove a student from further class sessions, pending a review, where circumstances warrant such action.