Student Support and Advocacy

Level Two


If the disruptive behavior feels intimidating, threatening, or appears to be escalating, you should consult with one of the following: Student Support and

Advocacy in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards, Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services, Student Counseling Services, or your department chair. Typically, a team approach will be employed to assist you in evaluating and handling the situation.

A Student Affairs assessment team can meet with you and other faculty and staff involved. The team will assess imminent danger to individuals or to the academic community. The objectives of such an assessment include providing appropriate levels of support for you and others involved; demonstrating concern for other students who may be affected by the student exhibiting the behavior in question; and deciding how to handle the student’s behavioral problems.

Student Affairs will also follow up with the disruptive student. Various disciplinary processes can be employed at this point, including, under certain circumstances, interim suspension of the student or the negotiation of a behavioral contract, pending a formal review. When appropriate, Student Affairs will also consult and work with the University’s Threat Assessment Team.