South Asian Parent Circle

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The South Asian Parent Circle (SAPC) is the newest addition to the USC parents groups through the USC Parent Programs. For more information and membership opportunities, please contact

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South Asian Parent Circle Membership Form

Mission statement

The USC South Asian Parent Circle (SAPC) will foster an enriched sense of Trojan Family and community by celebrating the Indian and sub-continent cultures, by enhancing parent and community involvement, by sponsoring cultural events/activities and by enriching the spirit of USC’s multicultural global community.


  • To actualize the universal values inherent in a cultural diversity, professional ethics and humanitarian causes. The association serves as a platform to support student life at USC from an international perspective, integrating the student’s academic, pre-professional and personal experience.
  • To celebrate the diversity of the South Asian culture, while exploring the facets of a pluralistic identity.
  • To build a community that is shaped by the interaction of social, cultural, and political concerns of South Asians in the Trojan family.
  • To encourage all Trojan family members, regardless of ethnic background to actively participate in our programs.