Message to the Community

On December 3rd, 2014, our university community witnessed a public incident of bias at the Galen Center during the men’s basketball game against Loyola Marymount University. A group of individuals sitting in the student section were dressed inappropriately in a manner that caricatured Latinos. Their behavior was insensitive and offensive, and is not condoned by the university.

The University of Southern California has a rich history of diversity and respect for all individuals. We strive to provide a nurturing and welcoming environment that is supportive of all Trojans, regardless of their backgrounds. I encourage all members of our university community to review our Principles of Community.

We are currently reviewing information to determine if the individuals are current USC students and/or members of a student organization. Should they be identified as such, we will contact them to ensure they understand that such conduct is contrary to our shared values.

Members of our community who experience any form of bias or discrimination should immediately report the incident to the university.

Ainsley Carry, Vice President for Student Affairs