Mandatory Online Training for Grad Students

Dear USC Graduate Student:

Your health, wellness and safety are essential to your success as a student at the University of Southern California. On the MyUSC website, you will find two online learning modules designed to provide knowledge and skills on the critical topics of sexual assault prevention and campus safety.

These two courses will be available on myUSC beginning December 6, 2018.

You must complete both courses by March 5, 2019 or a hold will be placed on your fall 2019 semester registration.

1. Think About It

Think About It is an online course that encourages you to reflect critically on such topics as healthy relationships, consent, dating violence, sexual assault, bystander intervention, and university resources and reporting options available through the university’s administrative process and through local law enforcement.

2. On The Safe Side

This interactive training, designed by the USC Game Innovation Lab, will give you tips to help you make safe choices at USC and beyond. The training follows Ty, an incoming USC student, who faces some common situations where making safe choices is critical. These scenarios are modeled after real situations that students have encountered. Learn to be aware of your surroundings in a lovingly crafted virtual version of the USC campus.

Thank you for helping to make the USC student community a healthy and safe place this upcoming semester.