Browser Requirements for Mandatory Prevention Education

Please set the following browser options before launch training:

  1. Please check and “Allow third-party cookies” in browser setting, before launching the training.
  2. Please disable or uncheck box to prevent Cross-site tracking before launching training:
  • Chrome: Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data >”Send a “Do Not Track” request with your browsing traffic” option. (Recommended browser choice)
  • Firefox: Privacy & Security > Custom: “Choose which trackers and scripts to block: Tracking content”
  • Safari: Privacy > “Prevent cross-site tracking” option After the browser setting changes, user may need to “replay” the video to mark the progress event for next page. If still not working, try launch training from a different browser (check the settings above first)

Note: Reset the browser preference after completion.

If you have any further technical issues, please reach out to