USC Parent and Family Engagement

Parent Engagement Committee

Parents and Guardians-  The 2017 – 2018 Parent Engagement Committee has been selected. The application for the 2018 – 2019 Parent Engagement Committee will be emailed in February 2018.

USC parents and family members play an important role in helping us stay current with the needs of today’s college students. Gone are the days when parents and universities operated independently of one another. We know students’ success is aligned with parental involvement and informed parents help us accomplish our shared goals for your students’ success. Parents provide important feedback and perspective in our efforts to design innovative programs and services that support our students. We also view parents as partners in helping us keep students informed.

Therefore, the Division of Student Affairs has developed the USC Parent Engagement Committee (PEC). The mission of this 25-member committee is to educate parents about the USC experience, engage with parents to ask for their input on student programs and services and to extend opportunities for volunteer assistance for special events. The Parent Engagement Committee comprises a group of parents and guardians, reflective of the diversity of USC’s student population, who represent interests of a broad spectrum of parents.

The main concerns of parents as their students embark on college life are related to student safety, health and wellness services and opportunities to get involved. Therefore, the Parent Engagement Committee will be focused on learning more about the following topics and activities:

  • Student Safety—PEC members are briefed on the latest safety initiatives and will play an active role in providing critical feedback on continual efforts for USC to be among the safest college campuses in America.
  • Health and Wellness—The USC community strives to be among the healthiest campuses in America and parental feedback is vital to that effort. PEC members learn about health and wellness initiatives and provide feedback to USC health professionals.
  • Residential Colleges and the First Year Experience—PEC members will be asked to contribute thoughtful insight and add the parent perspective on USC’s enhanced residential and campus life experience.
  • Parent Communication—The PEC plays an important role in helping us disseminate information and gather input from USC parents. PEC members are a voice to communicate accurate information to parents throughout our global community and add the parent perspective to programming ideas.
  • Volunteer Ambassadors and Special Events—PEC members are involved in special events including new student Orientation, Move-In Day and Trojan Family Weekend. Members will also be informed of additional volunteer opportunities available through our campus partners including the USC Alumni Association, Office of Admission, Athletics and more.

The process for becoming a member of the Parent Engagement Committee includes the following steps:

  • Completion and submission of the Parent Engagement Committee application form (the 2018 – 2019 PEC application will be available in February 2018)
  • For those selected to interview—participation in a telephone interview

Every effort is made to assemble a group of parents that represents the rich diversity of the USC student body. The Parent Engagement Committee will meet two times each semester – twice in the fall and twice in the spring. A Training Day will be planned in the summer. For those PEC members who are unable to travel to campus, the meetings are filmed and a link is provided to watch online. The period of service for committee members is one academic year. Each committee member must be a parent or guardian of a student currently enrolled at USC during the member’s academic year.

If you have any questions, contact Maria Riley (USC Parent and Family Engagement) at 213.821.6239 or

Thank you and FIGHT ON!