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Asian Pacific American Student Services (APASS)

Alternative Spring Break Faculty Partner

Faculty serve as facilitators for the pre- and post-trip discussion, in addition to providing all the reading materials to prepare for the trip (e.g., chapters to be read in preparation for the trip to Manzanar, the WWII internment camp, as well as discussion about the complexities of the internment experience). Next year, faculty may accompany the group on the Alternative Spring Break trip.

Contact: Mary Ho, APASS Director,, (213) 740-4999

APA Heritage Festival Professor Talks

Professors provide the academic engagement component of the APA Heritage Festival by sharing their research during lunchtime talks (e.g., “Beyond Black and White: The Political Engagement of APAs and Latinos” or “Multiracial Identity Today”). The festival generally takes place two weeks before and the week after the Lunar New Year.

Contact: Mary Ho, APASS Director,, (213) 740-4999

APA Student Welcome Panelist

Every year, faculty serve on a panel focusing on faculty expectations and integrating identity with academic life during the APASS orientation program for incoming undergraduate students.

Contact: Mary Ho, APASS Director,, (213) 740-4999

CIRCLE (Critical Issues in Race, Class, and Leadership Education) Guest Speaker

Faculty serve as guest speakers on a variety of topics (such as APA history and community development) for CIRCLE, an eight-week, experiential, discussion-based APA leadership development program.

Contact: Mary Ho, APASS Director,, (213) 740-4999

Community-Based Research Workshops

Faculty offer presentations on various community-based research projects in which they have been involved, most recently at sessions hosted by APASS as part of the national Association for Asian American Studies conference and at the annual Asian Pacific American Community Research Roundtable conference. Faculty also facilitate hands-on data training sessions that APASS holds with community-based service providers and students.

Contact: Mary Ho, APASS Director,, (213) 740-4999

Connections! APA Career Mentoring Program Mentor

Connections!, in which APA undergraduate students are matched with APA professionals for career and life exploration, offers an opportunity for faculty to serve as mentors for APA students considering a life in academia.

Contact: Mary Ho, APASS Director,, (213) 740-4999

PEER (Positive Experiences, Enriching Relationships) Guest Trainer

PEER, the APA one-on-one mentoring program for first-year students, is jointly programmed by APASS and the Student Counseling Center. Faculty serve as guest trainers during the three day-long training sessions that take place for PEER mentors over the course of the year.

Contact: Mary Ho, APASS Director,, (213) 740-4999

Program Facilitation/Panel Moderator

Over the course of the academic year, faculty provide informal, small group presentations based on their areas of expertise (e.g., Asian Pacific Americans in the Media) or serve as moderators for panel discussions (e.g., FOBs vs. ABCDs: A South Asian Town Hall on Culture, Identity and Change).

Contact: Mary Ho, APASS Director,, (213) 740-4999