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Faculty Partnerships

Faculty Partnerships


The Division of Student Affairs offers a number of partnership opportunities for faculty to engage in student-centered learning outside the classroom.

The purpose of these opportunities is to encourage faculty to engage with students outside the context of the classroom. In addition to ensuring availability through office hours or “open door” periods, faculty are encouraged to interact with students in myriad contexts outside the classroom, such as community service/service-learning projects, arts and culture events, or campus leadership programs, in which students may have a different opportunity to learn. Through these venues, students may garner a new/renewed appreciation for what it means to be a part of an academic community. Furthermore, such faculty-student interactions may offer students a chance to develop a closer relationship with faculty–one that that facilitates classroom learning, spurs an interest in research, or prompts a student’s desire to pursue graduate study.

Opportunities exist in a variety of areas, including:

For more information about faculty partnerships, please communicate with the departmental contact provided for the specific opportunities above or contact the Division of Student Affairs: (213) 740-2421.