Once homeless, freshman now dreams of a future in game design

Hands pressed inside the pockets of a pair of well-traveled jeans, Kamaria DeLaForce is a tough-skinned girl with the edge of a J.D. Salinger character. She loves video games, zombies and post-apocalyptic scenarios. But she also plays the flute, sings alto in the chorus and is passionate about social justice. The most noticeable of her traits […]

Freshman draws from her Islamic faith to give from her heart

USC freshman Newal Osman wraps a colorful hijab on her head, steps back and considers her reflection in the mirror. She likes what she sees. “Hijab goes beyond the head scarf,” she said. “It’s your whole body attire, a symbol of modesty that doesn’t veil your identity.” She recites Asr, the Islamic afternoon prayer, then […]

From cancer research to comics, this freshman fuses fun with diligence

In an oversized white lab coat, khakis, polo shirt and gloves, Danyal Brink looks like a kid in an adult world. At age 17, he’s delighted to be turned loose with electrodes and magnets and cylinders and spectroscopes for the summer to work on a famous research project at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York […]

‘Quirky is an asset, not a liability’ for this freshman

If you want to stage a spectacular arts festival in the middle of downtown Dallas, a teenager might not be the first organizer you’d call. But you’d be overlooking a budding talent. Meet Natalie Raphael – incoming USC freshman and public relations major. At 17, Raphael organized “Arts in the Park,” a highly successful partnership between […]

Freshman Amri Rigby puts words into action

Amri Rigby believes in the power of words. Whether he’s preaching before a congregation, writing poetry or performing on stage, Rigby has seen his world moved by the magic of effective communication. But make no mistake; it wasn’t just words that got him into USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the […]

‘Dare to be great’: words to remember from convocation

Thousands of misty-eyed parents looked on, craning their necks to etch a treasured memory or snap a timeless keepsake as the incoming class of 2018 marched behind school banners into Alumni Park, black gowns draped over board shorts and sundresses. If convocation — a major milestone of Welcome Week — feels like the mirror image […]

The freshmen arrive — with laptops and guitars in tow

Annual scene on the University Park Campus ushers in the 2014-15 school year Thousands of new USC students this week are participating in an annual rite of passage into adulthood that spans the nation. They’re moving away to college.

USC Announces New Safety Measures

The University of Southern California is announcing a number of new measures to further improve what is already one of the most sophisticated and far-reaching security and safety programs in higher education. These enhancements, which are focused on increasing safety on the University Park Campus and the surrounding neighborhood, include increased year-round deployment of neighborhood […]

A Healing Experience in Brazil

On the first day, we sat in a room meditating for four and a half hours. With my eyes closed, it could have easily been seven hours — or two. It felt timeless. This is how sociology major Sarah Newell describes her arrival at a spiritist healing center in central Brazil. She had traveled there […]

Looking at Ways to Improve LA

With a GoPro camera strapped to the front of her bicycle, Nicole Bosetti rode through the streets of Amsterdam. Whirring past brick-front cafes and canals, she captured footage of the safe and efficient bike paths available to cyclists. In Amsterdam, bicycles outnumber the residential population of about 800,000. With more than 250 miles of road […]