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Jakita Morgan Strives To Serve Students

By Jamie Wilde

Jakita Morgan, office manager for USG, is known to students as 'Queen Jakita.'Photo by Dietmar QuistorfJakita Morgan, office manager for USG, is known to students as 'Queen Jakita.'

Jakita Morgan, or “Queen Jakita,” as students call her, helps all those around her as office manager for Student Governance.

“Just being a student, working in here and managing other extracurricular activities sometimes can put a heavy burden on students,” said Morgan, who has worked at USC for nearly 12 years. “They come in, and I can just tell from their facial expressions that something is going on. So, even though I may be swamped with work, I take the time to sit and talk to them and ask ‘What’s going on? How can I help you?’”

Morgan’s responsibilities range from planning events to allocating budgets to handling administrative tasks. But it is the extra time she gives to support students that sets her apart.

“As the Student Governance office manager, Jakita interacts with more than 100 students on a daily basis helping to ensure the success of their initiatives and programs,” said Enrique Trujillo, interim associate director of Campus Activities. “The students appreciate Jakita’s ever-listening ear, and she inspires a sense of pride in them for the work they do. Often, students return post-graduation just to visit and thank her for all she did to support them.”

That support has become a two-way street. Morgan’s 14-year-old daughter loves coming to the office, where she can talk about attending college with students and even get some help with her homework.

“It is like a family working together,” said Morgan, who has worked with Undergraduate Student Government since 2005 and Graduate Student Government since 2011.
Morgan began her career at USC in Payroll, moved to Alumni Development Records and then to her current position.

“I just love the student atmosphere. It’s like I’m the students’ parent. Just to be able to help them progress in four years and be able to go out into the real world and have their own families is just so rewarding for me,” Morgan said.

Morgan hopes that the Student Governance office continues to grow and that campus awareness of its presence increases exponentially.

In addition to her work in the Student Governance Office, Morgan is adviser for the Alpha Phi Omega co-ed service fraternity. She plans to pursue a business degree and see her own daughter attend college.