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We Are Unified in Our Efforts to Protect USC Students

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ainsley Carry edited a recently published book on higher education leadership.Ainsley Carry edited a recently published book on higher education leadership.

We would like to clarify USC’s social events policy in light of recent news reports. The university has not changed any policies, but is strictly enforcing existing policies regarding parties on and near campus during school nights. We took this step together because we do not want students to get hurt. While these policies are being strictly enforced, we will have time for an open and thorough conversation on the root problem of excessive drinking. All students, including the Greek leadership, and the university are committed to making the campus a safe and an enjoyable place to socialize. Student government, Greek leadership and the administration are unified in our efforts to protect USC students. In the coming weeks, we intend to host public forums to examine this challenge and move forward with long-term, comprehensive initiatives.


Ainsley Carry, Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Ray Carlos, Office of Greek Life
Jamie Dick, USG Greek Senator
Roxy Friberg, Panhellenic Council President
Logan Heley, USG Greek Senator
Christian Kurth, USG President
Ofek Lavian, Interfraternity Council President
Nicole Schrad, USG Greek Senator
John Thomas, Chief, Department of Public Safety

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