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Broderick Leaks

Serves the Underserved

By Diane Ver Steeg Anderson

Broderick LeaksPhoto by Lillian InsalataBroderick Leaks

Broderick Leaks, clinical psychologist and group therapy coordinator for Student Counseling Services (SCS), makes a point of being accessible to all students on campus.

“We always have a wait list with students anxious to access services, but I still think there are some underserved populations on campus,” said Leaks “ As a staff, we have to balance taking care of the students who are here with reaching out to students who we know could benefit from our services.”

To do this, the SCS staff is building relationships with USC’s cultural offices as well as the Office for International Services.

The next step is really letting the broader campus know about us,” said Leaks, who is one of 16 senior staff members that include 10 psychologists, four psychiatrists, three social workers and one marriage and family therapist.”

Leaks, who started his career at USC as an intern in 2008–2009, supervises and mentors two pre-doctoral interns and one practicum student. In addition, he provides individual and group psychotherapy for students and serves as the group coordinator for 10 to 12 groups a semester.

He also teaches a freshman seminar primarily for student athletes called Foundations of Self (FSEM 100), which focuses on identity development, leadership skills, and the impact of culture on identity and self-image.

“One reason why I like the class so much is because it creates a safe zone for students to be themselves. They don’t have to be super tough and macho,” he said. “They can say, ‘Hey I am actually struggling.’ While they are learning some academic material, they are also learning some life development skills.”

Ilene C. Rosenstein, director of Student Counseling Services, notes that Leaks connects well with students, calling him “a rising star.”

“He truly cares about his students and will always go the extra mile to help others. He problem-solves, trouble-shoots, and is attentive to matters needing attention, helping to make SCS the best that it can be,” she said. “Dr. Leaks is fair, extremely perceptive, professional but fun-loving. He is a true asset to the team.”

Leaks’ interest in helping people dates back to his youth growing up in Houston, Texas. “People always talked to me about stuff. I started working on becoming a therapist, and I looked back and I thought ‘I have been doing this my whole life,’” he said. “On the academic end, I was fascinated by psychology and what makes people tick and influences behavior.

Leaks earned a B.A. in psychology at Baylor University. There he connected with the school’s student affairs division.

“I like this work, and the reason I like it so much is because when I was a student, I had mentors who worked in different student affairs offices,” he said. “I had this mentor in multicultural affairs who became my mom on campus.”

For graduate school, Leaks decided to pursue Biblical training along with psychology. That led him to Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, where he earned master’s degrees in theology and psychology and his Ph.D. in clinical psychology. One of his internships placed him at USC, and the rest is history.

“University work is pretty cool. The culture of growth and learning is much different than working in a hospital,” said Leaks, who lives in Pasadena with his wife and young son. “I love coming to work here, and I also feel like I am getting challenged in my profession. So it is a nice blend.”