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The Trojan Men Hit a High Note with “Trojans for Life”

By Marla Schevker Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Trojan Men are “Trojans for Life,” and they're not afraid to sing about it.Photo courtesy of the Trojan MenThe Trojan Men are “Trojans for Life,” and they're not afraid to sing about it.

The USC all-male a cappella group Trojan Men brings new meaning to being a Trojan through their music video “Trojans for Life.” The clever musical ode to USC pays tribute to everything from the university’s Olympic gold medalists to its golden sunshine, from its alumni in space to its alumni in Hollywood.

The song was commissioned by the Tutor Campus Center and written by USC Thornton School of Music 2012 graduate and Trojan Men member Daniel Weidlein, who began writing the song by compiling a list of all of the great things about USC.

“We wanted something really simple that was catchy and a clear USC thing,” Weidlein said. “It’s our own take on the Fight Song. We were trying to find things to highlight about the school. It was really easy to come up with a million athletically related things, but we really wanted to make it as diverse as possible and show off the various facets of what makes USC so great.”

Weidlein worked with Trojan Men President Kevin Rutkowski and USC Spectrum Director Dane Martens to narrow down the list of positive attributes of the university, a task that was difficult due to the volume of material.

“The hardest thing was to pare it down and figure out what would be the best things to put in,” Weidlein said. “We had way too many things we wanted to show off in the song.”

The song mentions proud USC traditions including the Trojan Marching Band, Traveler, Tirebiter and Tommy Trojan. It invokes the Fight Song and the concept of the Trojan Family with the chorus: “Fight On for Old ‘SC; we are family ’til the end, that’s a guarantee.” It also includes a heavy dose of humor, with members of the Trojan Men playfully rapping the lyrics: “We’re going crazy up in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, y’all! So if you’re all really ready to get down and rep for USC, lemme see y’all stand up and Fight On!”

Weidlein’s favorite part is in the bridge, right after the second rapping section.

“All of the lyrics on the bridge are based on the five words that are written on the base of Tommy Trojan,” he said. “So if you listen … all of a sudden the language gets a little more elevated and elegant, which I think is pretty cool.”

USC film and television production major Danny Erb shot the music video. While it’s hard for him to choose a favorite scene, he really liked the opening and the scene shot during game day.

“It looks great,” he said. “One thing I liked about it is the Trojan Men were very serious about making it the best it could be. There was a lot of excitement and passion with the people working on the project.”

Released in November 2012, the music video has been well received by students and celebrities alike. On the day it was released, USC fan Spike Lee and USC alumni LeVar Burton, Matt Leinart and Allyson Felix tweeted about the video to their followers.

The Trojans for Life video can be viewed at and the song can be heard and downloaded for free at

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