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Christina Mireles

Program Manager, Campus Activities

By Diane Ver Steeg Anderson

Christina MirelesPhoto by Jaclyn BorowskiChristina Mireles

When Christina Mireles, the new program manager for Campus Activities, showed up for her first day of work at the beginning of Welcome Week 2012, there was no time for leisurely greetings and office tours.

“I dove right in,” said Mireles. “I feel like it really helped me build a relationship with the incoming class.”

As program manager, Mireles oversees leadership programs, including the Emerging Leader program, which provides leadership opportunities; the REAL Project, which focuses on social justice and leadership; the Inside Track mentoring program, which pairs up incoming students with current students; and the Adventure Lead program, which involves outdoor recreational leadership trips.

“It is a new position, so I am really excited about it and all the opportunities that it opens up both for myself as a new professional and for the department,” said Mireles.

Her immediate goal is to increase student participation in leadership programs.

“We have a lot of great programs that see a lot of high participation. Our Emerging Leader program has more than 50 first-year students participating. I would love to see that interest in all of our other programs, and I think that they are growing,” Mireles said.

She would also like to collaborate with other campus departments to develop programs relating to diversity, social justice and community work.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in Latin American history with a minor in general business, Mireles spent the summer interning in the student activities office at the University of San Francisco.

“There is just so much energy in working with college students, and that is what I really love,” Mireles said. “College is such a developmental time in a person’s life, and to be a part of that process is such a privilege.”

She then went to Seattle University to earn her master’s degree in student development administration and also served as a graduate program coordinator for Leadership Development.

“After that I was ready to come home,” said Mireles, who grew up in the Pasadena area. “I really got tired of being cold all the time.”

She found a position as an assignments representative in Housing Services at UCLA, where she worked for about a year and a half before she landed the job at USC.

“It was a very attractive role to be able to work with leadership programs on campus,” she said. “My absolute most favorite thing about working here is the sense of campus pride. It feels really great to know that people have already bought into this idea that we are a family, we support each other and we are proud of what we do.”