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New Campus Access Policy for the University Park Campus

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We want to remind the Trojan Family of the new campus access policy for the University Park Campus that went into effect January 14. The policy, along with several other security enhancements, was announced in November.

From 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. every night, the number of entrances to campus will be limited, security personnel will be stationed at each open entrance and anyone coming to campus will be asked to show photo identification.

The new system will require USC students, faculty and staff to register any guests arriving after 9 p.m. Each guest will need to present identification to enter campus.

We are taking these steps because we care about the security and safety of our students, faculty, staff, guests and neighbors.

Lightly used entrances to campus will close at the end of the business day or at 9 p.m. Eight heavily used entrances will remain open at all times, including overnight. Information on open entrances is available on the USC Maps site Temporary fencing has been installed to direct people to staffed entrances.

A new visitor registration system at is also available. Once a USC student, staff or faculty member registers a guest, including parents and family members, the information will be provided immediately to entrance attendants. Once the guest has shown their identification to personnel at the gate, they will be admitted to campus.

The university has already taken a number of steps over the past few years that have significantly improved the security of the University Park neighborhood, including the addition of officers, security ambassadors and cameras. We believe these measures will assist in better securing the core of our campus.

Most campus visits take place during daytime and early evening hours, and will be unaffected by the new policy. We will monitor the implementation of the security enhancements and work with faculty, staff and students to improve the process as needed.

We welcome comments and suggestions at

With best regards,

Michael L. Jackson,Vice President for Student Affairs

Charles Lane, Associate Senior Vice President, Career and Protective Services

4 Responses to New Campus Access Policy for the University Park Campus

  1. Anna Cho Fenley

    What are the policies and procedures for weekend events? What are the security requirements?

  2. University Publications

    Please contact the Office of Campus Activities at 213-740-5693. They should be able to give you the information you need.

  3. Claude Williams

    What is the on campus policy for utilization of Cromwell Field to the pucblic.


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